While professional Atlanta long-distance movers have all it takes to pull off all kinds of moves, you may have faith in your abilities to get it right. Fragile items are prone to damage during moves, and the wrong kind of packages or tools can set you back on your investment. That’s because boxes are often handled by more hands, and one bad step can see your most cherished items gone for good.

To protect your large, fragile items, you have to take extra care with the kind of tools and techniques to use during your move. Whether you want to move large artworks, antiques, mirrors, or your HD flat-screen TV, it’s possible to get them across to a new location without breaking them.

Proven Tips for Moving Large, Fragile Items

Use Strong Boxes/Packages

Large, fragile items should be kept and transferred in boxes that can conveniently hold them. It’s no use placing them in packages that can easily give way. When this happens, your items will get exposed to hard surfaces, leading to damage. When it comes to moving such items, the thicker and stronger the box, the better. Even after placing your items in such boxes, watch out for tell-tale signs that the box might give way sooner than you can imagine.

Use Extra Layers of Cushion

With large, fragile items, it’s best to have some layers of soft packing materials, cushions, or towels at the base of your box. Since most large items are heavy, it only makes sense to have these extra cushions, so there’s no direct contact between the box and your item.

When you’ve placed the item in the box containing soft layers, still fill up every redundant space with soft materials. This way, the fragile item is more static and has an impact-absorbing layer to protect it from sudden movements or jerks. TVs, mirrors, and sculptures are particularly safer with this method.

Bigger Items Go in First

While moving your large, fragile items, you’ll realize that some of them are much bigger than others. You should stack the box from the largest to the smallest. What you get is a well-supported base on which you can place other items. It’s also a fool-proof way to ensure that smaller items don’t get crushed.

Take Your Time

Moving large, fragile items takes some careful considerations and shouldn’t be rushed at any point. You’ll be putting the items at risk if you make knee-jerk decisions on how they should be packed and moved. Take your time, go over the items to find the right fit for boxes, and place them according to size.

Engage a Professional Service

There comes a time when your effort to move your large TV, sculptures, artworks, and mirrors is not good enough. That’s when you need to engage the best residential movers in Atlanta. With a reliable and dedicated company by your side, you get premium services, trained personnel, and unique facilities to move your large, fragile items.

Also, an experienced company will keep your items safe with boxes built and designed to accommodate them. Custom wood crates and moving pads are some of the equipment a trustworthy company would use.

Take Precautionary Steps to Protect Your Investment

Your large, fragile items represent a worthy investment that deserves the best protection it can get. Take pictures of such items before handing them over to a moving and storage company. You can also pay for full valuation coverage. This way, if the company damages your items, you get reimbursed.

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