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Without familiar surroundings, no friends, and no parents to back them up, a child’s first day at a new school can feel understandably daunting. But with a good first impression and a little bit of confidence, your child can adjust as quickly as possible to their new environment. As a leading Druid Hills moving company, ALS Van Lines has helped thousands of families transition into their new homes. With our tips below, you can help your young child start their school experience just as smoothly.

Get Familiar – The stranger something seems the more uncomfortable we are. Talk to your child about aspirations, hopes, and fears and be reassuring that feeling nervous is normal. To increase their comfort about handling their first day, go for a walk to visit the school’s grounds. You can check out the playgrounds, walk the path to the bus stop, and go over pamphlets of after school activities you think your child may be interested in.

Day Before – To avoid a morning rush and making your child feel anxious, prepare everything the night before. This includes packing a healthy lunch, preparing the backpack with school supply essentials, and laying out clothes. Speak positively, framing a new school as a fresh start where your child will make new friends and learn new things. And be sure to put them to bed early for a full night’s rest.

Day Of – Rise early and have your child eat a healthy, energy full breakfast. Once at the school, help your child get a confident start by accompanying them while introducing them to teachers and walking them around the hallways. Introducing yourself to the teachers and principal as well is a good way to get acquainted, which may help in learning more about the school’s educational system and regulations.

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